about me

I live in the woods. Sometimes I hear owls at night. Sometimes I hear cougars. We had a big fire last year. Our town is in mourning for the trees. I hear that redwoods are resilient though.

I'm a mother. The novel Chouette is a parable about motherhood as I experienced it. 

I like looking at art. I like looking at people who are looking at art. I read more than I write. I write more than I exercise. I still think people are basically good.

Online you can find me on Goodreads, where I review contemporary fiction enthusiastically (or sometimes cantankerously) while in the guise of my fashion-conscious alter-ego, 'lark benobi,'  here.


For press inquiries contact:
Martin Wilson 
Senior Publicity Manager at Ecco
(212) 207-7170