about me

I live in the woods. Sometimes I hear owls at night. Sometimes I hear cougars. We had a big fire in 2020. Our town is still in mourning for the trees. I hear that redwoods are resilient though.

I'm autistic. My disability affects how I read and how I write. I'm attracted to rhythmic, repetitive, metaphorical language. My autism affects me in many other ways.

I'm nonbinary. I resonate most strongly with the pronoun "Viking Warrior." But you can feel free to call me "they" or "hey, you," as the fancy strikes you.


I'm a mother. 


I had a mother.


I might in my heart be a coatimundi (on my good days) or a raccoon (on one of my more run-of-the-mill days) or a tanuki (on those rare and most amazing days that come along only a few times, in life, if we're lucky) but until I make up my mind I will make do with this representational drawing of myself as an odd-toed, out-of-place ungulate.


I like looking at art. I like looking at people who are looking at art. I read more than I write. I write more than I exercise. I still think people are basically good.



People ask me whether the child in my novel Chouette is meant to represent an autistic child, or a trans child, or an autistic trans child. The book is fiction. The child in the novel is an owl.


Chouette's mother Tiny is autistic, though. She might be part-owl herself. I'm not sure. She might be some other kind of bird.

My current official bio reads like this:


Claire Oshetsky  is the author of CHOUETTE, which was longlisted for the 2022 Pen/Faulkner Award for Fiction and won the 2022 William Saroyan International Prize for Writing. Their next novel, POOR DEER, is forthcoming in January 2024.


Claire's short fiction has been featured in Alaska Quarterly, Hayden’s Ferry, North American Review, and many others.


Formerly a science journalist, Claire has written for Wired, Technology Review, the New York Times, and other periodicals. Claire is four-time recipient of the "Article of the Year" award from the American Society of Journalists and Authors.


Claire also wrote THE BOOK OF DOG BY LARK BENOBI, an apocolyptic romp that was named "one of the ten best eco-fiction books of 2018" by Brit & Co.


Claire lives with her family in Boulder Creek, California. 

You can learn more about my novels here.

Online you can find me on Goodreads, where I review contemporary fiction enthusiastically (or sometimes cantankerously) while in the guise of my fashion-conscious alter-ego, 'lark benobi,'  here.

For press inquiries contact:
Martin Wilson 
Senior Publicity Manager at Ecco
(212) 207-7170 

Or, you can send a note to me directly, here.